The Digital Enterprise is a series of personal observations and reflections about how digital is  transforming the business world.  Digital disruption comes in many forms: customers  abruptly shifing channels, competitors offering radically improved business models, talent leaving to seek more dynamica enviromments. Disruption eventually comes to every company, regardless of sector or location. For organisations being disrupted,  life can feel bleak as a downward spiral of falling profits, trimmed investment and talent departures leads to eventual implosion. But disruption has a flip-side – firms that invest at scale to reinvent their businesses can quickly gain share, talent and value.

This blog shares my point of view on how enterprises shouid respond to digital disruption. It’s a personal perspective but informed by my work as leader of Digital McKinsey.  Don’t expect insider information or a critical perspective on specific firms, for obvious reasons. I hope I can provoke discussion, curate interesting thinking, and help readers join the ranks of the disruptors instead of the disrupted.  If you like what you read,  I hope you’ll share my posts with others.



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